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For those of you who think this is totally tl;dr, here are a few bullet points:

1.) If you sent me a key and then you moved, email me (beth hommel at gmail) your new address so I can send you a THING.

2.) Yes, I am still accepting keys. Probably when I am an old lady I will still be collecting keys. My house will be full of keys. I think I sealed my fate the night I got that first one tattooed on my arm.

3.) I am going to be updating Other People's Keys with photos of the keys I've gotten. Yay! Watch that space for yours.

4.) I love you.


So. I haven't updated this blog in ages, but let me tell you... there's so much to be said.
I cannot believe how many keys have come in the mail. Here's a stack of key letters I still need to photograph, respond to, and string:

key update

It's intimidating! But I'm going to get through them, because these keys and stories are too good not to be shared.

While I was on tour, people gave me keys not in envelopes. Not all of these have people or stories to go with them. Do you recognize your keys?

Orphan Keys

Other things worth talking about: YES, I am still accepting keys, even with the backlog, even with the threatening-to-take-over-my-life nature of this project. I love this. So much.

And other people seem to love it too. Here's some KEY ART that people have made for me (and there's more than I need to photograph and put her, including SHIRTS from Cynthia and Hayley and a beautiful painting by Lucy and another beautiful painting by Kayla and a beautiful pastel drawing by Lauren and probably 10 others I am forgetting.)

This is by the fucking awesome Sylvia K:

by Sylvia K

This poem is by the fantastic Hayley:
By Hayley

This song ("The One About Keys") is by the legendary Edgar Gonzalez, Jr. (I cannot wait to hear this in person):

And this ("Orphans") is by the incredibly talented and just plain incredible Kayla Oberlin (ditto):

I love that so much art--- for me and for others-- is coming out of this project. I love that so many of you are reaching out with your keys and stories, which are fucking amazing.

I love life.

I love keys.

I love you.

Love (obviously),
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This post is for Edgar Gonzalez Jr.

I recently came to the conclusion that I'm not the kind of girl anyone would write a song about.

Thank you for proving me wrong, Edgar. I think it's beautiful.

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There is a new key post up. I am going to do these in random order. I have a LOT of catching up to do but I plan to get at least two more up tonight and several tomorrow and we'll go from there.

The keys have slowed to a mere trickle, making me realize how much of a light it brought into my life that I could go to the mailbox and have this connection with strangers. I am hoping as I send more THINGS out into the world to the people who've already brought me keys, I will get more in.

I am going to add a new twist.

Because of my job, some of you will meet me.

If you want to bring keys with you (with stories, please!) I will trade you something IN PERSON. No waiting for the mail. Just come up to me, hand me an envelope with a key in it and I will pull something from my bag or pocket and give it to you.

Two people brought keys for me to the Brooklyn gig Amanda did ten days ago. I was a little more than tipsy and when I got home and the keys fell out of my pocket I was thrilled... and a little baffled. (I figured out who gave them to me.)

Here's one, from Des:




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