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posted by [personal profile] bethofalltrades at 06:36pm on 17/12/2020 under
Free Art: Comment on the entry with an address (and a story, if you like) and I'll send free art. The only catch is that you can't nominate yourself.

Art for Sale: buy prints or commission something special. (Note that from this point forward, prints and commissions won't be mounted. Also note that if you want surprise prints that are grandma-friendly, you just have to note that in the Paypal comments section. Or if you want extra sexy photos, you can note that too--- I don't know your grandma, maybe she's a wild chick.)

Thank you to everyone who already supports me, by reading this blog, ordering prints, critiquing my work, poking me in the behind with sharp sticks to get me up and CREATING, by sending emails with encouragement and feedback, by sharing art of your own to inspire me.

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posted by [identity profile] at 01:19am on 18/12/2008
I am going to buy something from you if I ever have money. Iiiiittttt will happen.
Also I did a pretty painting for you (I think I said I was sending you something when I messaged you on the shadowbox(I am the Audrey who is Pope Leave Me Alone or whatever)) so I am going to send that with my keeeeeey.

This is a totally pointless comment but there you go.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:54pm on 19/12/2008
OMG, you are AWESOME.

I had it sent to my boyfriend - Christmas sucks this year, so I thought it would be something really, really neat. But he was SO FUCKING CONFUSED and it was hilarious. This was the email:

"OK, so I was putting your movie in the mailbox this morning and I realized I never checked the mailbox last night. There were two pieces, one a homemade Christmas card from Suzy (it's cute, you'll like it, involves cats) and the other was really, really weird. The envelope is addressed to only me, and the return address is just "Someone Who Loves You." There's also a heart drawn in the lower left corner, and it is postmarked New York, NY. Inside it contains a dark picture that appears to be some sort of building with scaffolding around it and a satellite dish, but I can't make out any distinguishing features. There is also a smaller envelope, about the size of a business card, that has some crude drawing in silver sharpie and contains a handwritten note on a torn out piece of paper that says "If you have the desire you will find a way." Needless to say, I have no clue wtf is going on here. Any thoughts? Oh, I also don't recognize any of the handwriting.

And good morning, love ya....."

:-D Thank you so much!
posted by [identity profile] at 07:23pm on 19/12/2008
My mom just told me that she received hers. She didn't know who it was from but she said that it was beautiful and that she loved it. It's now on display in her living room :)
posted by [identity profile] at 10:55pm on 20/01/2009
"Sabine has gotten some really really weird mail today... WHO WENT TO NEW YORK??????"

that's what my mom's facebook status says at the moment, so i think it has arrived! it made me excited and it made my crappy day a lot better. I'll let you know the full story when i actually see my mom, so she can tell me about it ;)

here's the story: i went over to my mom's place, my sister and brother-in-law where there too, i came in, mom got the letter and told all of us: "SEE THIS! i got it in the mail today, i am completely confused, a picture of a bunch of girls sitting on a couch, their faces aren't on it, so i don't know who they are.. it's from NY, do we know someone who has been to NY?".
They have been breaking their heads about it all day long, they are convinced it's from someone they know. They don't even consider that it might be from a stranger. they tried everything, even googling the name of the picture (which is on the backside).
This was enough to make my day. But then it got even better. 10000 times better. apparently you sent two letters? but the second one either was put in the wrong mailbox or had been lost on the way upstairs while getting the mail. I guess some of the neighbors found it and put it in front of the apartment door. So i was going back to my dad's home and my mom was coming outside too, to walk the dog. We opened the door and there it was, a SECOND letter. which made it even more confusing for them and even more hilarious for me. because of the second letter they found HOURS later they are now convinced that they are some kind of clues that lead somewhere and that one of their friends is messing with their heads. but they think it is fantastic, my mom is giddy like a little kid on christmas about all of this. she LOVES it (i know cause she told me: "this is so exciting, i LOVE this").
They are even going to put up pictures on facebook tomorrow.

You, dearest Beth, have very successfully made more than one person's day. Thank you for making life exciting.

Lots of love,
posted by [identity profile] at 06:36am on 21/01/2009
Hey Beth, I just sent you 70 something AUS dollars to make me some art however, the address on my pay pal was wrong. will be sending you a gmail with updated address. Thanks M.
posted by [identity profile] at 06:04pm on 21/01/2009
Hi M-

Got both the dollars and the updated address. THANK YOU so much. I'm thinking about your piece now. :)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:49am on 10/02/2009
i'll do better than that, i'll send you a sad cat!
posted by [identity profile] at 10:05am on 23/02/2009
Hey, I'm sorry this is off topic from your post but I would really love to share this video with you... and possibly Amanda (because the has the ability to spread it even further). Please Please take the time to watch this movie ( I know you are busy but it is well worth the effort)

THANK YOU! Also, if this is something that you agree with please pass it on!
posted by [identity profile] at 10:40pm on 14/04/2009
I think you and her would dig these, lots of fun:



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